quinta-feira, fevereiro 01, 2018

Epic Prologue

Here I am once more
sitting in front of the poetry audience
that is sitting benevolently in front of me
looks at me and is waiting for poetry
as always I have nothing to tell it
as always the poetry audience knows this very well
it certainly doesn’t expect an epic poem from me
seeing that it’s done nothing to inspire one in me
the ancient poet indeed as everyone knows
was not the one responsible for his poetry
it was his audience that was really responsible
since it had a direct relationship
with its poet
who depended on his audience
for his inspiration
and for his remuneration
his poetry developed therefore
according to the intentions of his audience
the poet was no more than the individual interpreter
of a collective voice that used to narrate and judge
this is certainly not our situation
this isn’t why you’re here today in this room
the person you’re listening to is unfortunately not
your epic poet.

- Nanni Balestrini

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