terça-feira, maio 20, 2014

A aguardar um sinal de esperança

Right in front of our eyes, we can see the marching parade of corrupt hypocrites, thick-necked racketeers, and venal deputies. Everyday villainy, pompous lies, and spiteful intrigue seem to be better than ever. Today, in our world, there exists no great idea of freedom, equality, and fraternity. There is no Napoleon among us and there is no promise of a great glory. We no longer believe in the man of the moment. We have been effectively cured of the belief in absolute justice. But that does not mean we accept the universal mean trickery and absolute injustice. After all, a Julien Sorel still endures the humiliation, a grudge is still growing in his heart, together with the envy and hatred of the world of the beneficiaries—of our world. Is he dreaming about the guillotine and retaliation? Or is he waiting for some sign of hope?

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