quinta-feira, agosto 08, 2013

From 1917, when he was fourteen, Raymond Radiguet taught me to distrust the new if it had a new look, to run counter to the fashions of the avant-garde. This puts one in an awkward position. One shocks the right. One shocks the left. But, at a distance, all these contradictions come together under one label. Clever the one that can sort this out. The young people visiting our ruins see nothing but a style. The age called ‘heroic’ displays nothing but its daring. This is how a Museum works. It levels. Ingres and Delacroix side by side, Matisse with Picasso, Braque with Bonnard. And evens, let me say, in a recent revival of Faust, the old garden set, the work os Jusseaume, had become, thanks to dust and unconscious similarities, a magnificent Claude Monet.
But this phenomenon of perspective does not concern youth. Youth can only assert itself through the conviction that its ventures surpass all other and resemble nothing.

- Jean Cocteau

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João Vicente disse...

Bom dia, gostaria de saber de que obra foi retirada esta citação de Cocteau. Obrigado.

Diogo Vaz Pinto disse...

The Difficulty of Being
translated by Elizabeth Sprigge
Melville House Publishing